August 19, 2020

Project Ideas

AMM bot

Building an open source system that people can use to achieve AMM-like behavior on Serum’s orderbooks.  Details here.


A yield farming token that is integrated into an AMM system on Serum.  Details here.


Serum needs a borrow/lending protocol.  This could be either:

  1. A home-brewed version
  2. One of the major Ethereum based protocols (Compound, Aave Aave, etc.) building a mirror on Solana

Furthermore, this can then be composed on top of Serum orderbooks to create margin trading.

Cross-Chain Bridges

It would be fucking awesome to have fully on-chain bridges between Solana and as many other chains as possible.  See prospective specs for one here, but there are many other versions!

Cross-Chain Lending

Assets can be pre-funded across the bridge and allow users to avoid waiting for cross-chain synchronization for a fee.  For example, a user could deposit X eth into the bridge as collateral, and be able to withdraw any pre-funded assets up to some limit.

Serum Oracle

An on-chain oracle that takes prices from Serum markets, does sophisticated risk and sanity checks on them, and creates a clean price feed that other projects working on Serum can use.  Furthermore, once there are on-chain cross-chain bridges, those can be combined with this to create a fully on-chain cross-chain pricing oracle.

Serum RFQ

Generate a tradable RFQ from the Serum order book.  The generated quote can be valid for a limited time and backed by an insurance pool.  It would have a size attached, and potentially be larger and wider than would be typical for orderbook trading.

Decentralized Wrappers

An on-chain method of wrapping an ERC20 token into an SPL token and vice versa.

Synthetic Assets

Building out support for tokenized synthetic assets on Serum.

Volatility Products

Building out markets or tokenized products representing volatility or other nonlinear functions of markets.

Zero Knowledge Liquidation Engine

PoC for ZK liquiditations, where it’s zk to the network, but not zk to the defi platform operators. The engine should be able to use the on chain order book price or funding rate as a witness, and generate a proof that states the contract is now ‘in the money’ or ‘out of the money’ and take an action from there.

Native Metamask Integration

See here for more details

Solana/Serum Academy

Something like to teach people how to build projects on Solana and Serum.

Mobile App

A mobile app for Serum that also lets you self-custody on mobile


Badges to represent participation in various aspects of Serum; e.g. liquidity providing, node operating.